Trust & Security

BoomerWrangle creates a custom designed, responsive platform that displays a compelling intranet site with automated solutions to some of your day to day workflow challenges all within your Google Workspace environment. 

How does data security work within "Your Practitioner Space?" 

All your sensitive data remains within your own Google Workspace and is not passed to us or through our systems. Unlike other third-party systems available in the market, we build and design within your environment that way you're always protected with Google's Security.

Why not use other Intranet Service Platforms? 

Simply put, other platforms do not deeply integrate with Google Workspace and can, in the longer term, be more expensive. There are usually steeper learning curves, longer deployment periods, and pay to play costs that most small businesses can't afford. Additionally, your personal identifiable data is copied into their data repositories resulting in relying on their security policies. 

Why is Practitioner Space a Great Solution for Small Businesses?

Google Workspace is affordable, collaborative and provides a powerful suite of products that are easy to the non-technical small business owner. We build on top of your google site, an easy-to-use platform, mobile device friendly, resilient and scalable product as part of your Google Workspace Account. This serves as the foundation that supports the integration of our developed toolsets and solutions that bring powerful functionality to your company. We bundle these tools and services to give a simple, one platform solution - Your Practitioner Space.